On this page will be a timeline of the major events of our timeline in Europe. This timeline is not intended to be comprehensive and will only cover the most impactful of events. This page will be frequently revised and updated, make sure to check back frequently. Very much a WIP.


A referendum is held in the European Commonwealth on whether or not it should become a single federal state. The vote is close, but yes wins the majority with 50.1% of the vote.


European leaders (UK, Ireland, Norway, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Andorra) meet in Paris, France to discuss a full merger of sovereignty, including economic and political union, with a joint government and joint military forces.


The European Commonwealth becomes a single country. Riots break out in London.


The European government approves the establishment of several secret research facilities in Germany. Various developments are made that will not be detailed on this timeline.


The European government approves 200 billion euros in funding for wind and solar energy.


Oil prices rise by over 1,000%, and the European Commonwealth declares war on every Middle Eastern country in response. This escalates into a global conflict called the Resource Wars.


Following limited nuclear exchange in the Middle East, the European government begins construction of nuclear shelters. By the time of the Great War, 40 of these are completed.


The Europe-Middle East war ends as soon as the Middle East's oil fields run dry. The European Commonwealth disbands, dissolving into warring nation-states. The destruction from the European Civil War is immense and ravages Europe.


Bonapartists in France successfully manage to overthrow the French government and install Napoleon Bonaparte's last living descendant as the King of France.


The Great War begins. In just a few hours, 95% of the population of Europe was killed off. By this point, most governments of countries that haven't devolved into anarchy are in private nuclear shelters and survive to try to re-establish a state at some point.


Survivors on the surface begin to notice mutations in themselves and in wildlife.